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  • It has been shown that in Paget's disease of bone, a condition characterised by a localised upregulation of bone turnover, there is a significant increase in the ratio between the native peptide form of CTX (α L) and the age-modified forms (β L, D-isoaspartyl peptide and α D) [ 9 ] . The use of CTX ratios may thus be indicative of the significant decrease in the residence time and therefore the average age of the resorbed bone collagen type I fragments in Pagetic patients [ 9 ] . This indicates that perturbations in the normally well-regulated process of bone turnover can result in changes in the half-life of collagen type I within the bone matrix.

  • Collagen and CTX fragments will rearrange with age to three age-modified forms: the isomerised form ( L-isoaspartyl peptide [β L]), where the bond between the aspartic acid and glycine residue goes through the β-carboxyl group of the aspartyl residue; the racemised form ( D-aspartyl peptide [α D]), where the aspartic acid (D 1211) is on a D-enantiomeric form; and the isomerised and racemised form ( D-isoaspartyl peptide [β D]) [ 9 ] . The relative accumulation of the three age-modified forms is dependent on the balance between anabolic and catabolic processes in bone, and pathologic situations affecting these processes may thus also affect the relative amounts of the four CTX forms [ 9 10 11 ] .

  • α D= D-aspartyl peptide; α L= L-aspartyl peptide; β D= D-isoaspartyl peptide; β L= L-isoaspartyl peptide; Cr = creatinine; CTX = crosslinked C-telopeptide of type I collagen; ELISA = enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, HC+ = hypercalcemic with bone metastases; NC+ = normocalcemic with bone metastases; NC- = normocalcemic without radiological signs of bone metastases; SD = standard deviation.

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