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  • Consistent with this prediction, a position in CP29, a minor LHCII, was preferentially filled during reconstitution by Chl a when the amino acid residue was the normal Glu, in an ion-pair with a bound Ca ++ion, but occupancy was shifted toward Chl b when the ligand was a weaker base, the amide group of Gln [ 31 ] . Although the on-rate for Chl b may be slower than that for Chl a, because binding may be impeded by a water molecule more strongly coordinated to the central Mg atom of Chl b, the greater Lewis acid strength of Chl b allows more stable bonds with the weaker ligands.

  • Less strong Lewis bases are the charge-compensated Glu in an ion-pair with Arg, the amide group of Gln and Asn, and finally the carbonyl of the peptide backbone as the weakest [ 29 ] . The importance of the ligand was demonstrated by substitution of His with the weaker Lewis base Asn in the apoprotein of the bacterial light-harvesting complex LH1, which eliminated assembly of the complex in vivo and reconstitution in vitro [ 30 ] . Formation of a stable coordination bond with a weaker Lewis base is expected to require a stronger Lewis acid.

  • a and one Chl b [ 35 ] . Rogl and Kühlbrandt [ 34 ] suggested that Glu65 (in an ion-pair with Arg185) may be a ligand for Chl b, with another site, occupied by Chl

  • This change resulted in loss of one Chl b after reconstitution [ 34 ] . Gln 131 ( b 6) and Glu 139 (in an ion-pair with Arg142) ( b 5) were also identified as ligands to Chl b [ 31 34 35 36 ] . Remelli et al.

  • Samples of 20 to 50 μL were injected onto a Discovery Amide C16 or Discovery C18 reverse phase column (15 cm × 4.6 mm, 5 μm, Supelco, Bellefonte, PA), and analytes were separated using the ion-pair chromatographic method.

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