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  • In general, among-population sequence divergence increases with decreasing latitude, even excluding previously glaciated regions (Martin and MacKay 2004), and studies of intraspecific genetic diversity in Neotropical birds have revealed a higher level of phylogeographic subdivision compared to temperate species (Remsen 1997, Lovette and Bermingham 2001).

  • 's analysis was to estimate levels of intraspecific diversity.

  • To avoid statistical bias due to the differences in numbers of sequences composing each category, we randomly selected 200 genes among the native genes and 200 among the transferred genes (when their number was greater than this value), for the intraspecific species analysis.

  • If there is significant variation, assessment of intraspecific diversity can be based on a small sample of individuals only if individuals are sampled across existing population subdivisions for which geography and phenotypic variation are reasonable initial surrogates.

  • On the basis of the findings of Pujana et al ., the GLP/LCR15 duplicon is present at multiple regions of human genomic instability [ 21 ] . In addition, the GLP/LCR15 duplicon was shown by Gilles et al . to be polymorphic in the human population - showing that these sequences have considerable intraspecific plasticity [ 18 ] . The GLP/LCR15 duplication family has expanded over the last 20 million years of primate evolution, before the divergence of the great ape lineages, resulting in a multitude of copies (estimated at 27) present at multiple sites along chromosome 15, providing the conditions required for rearrangements driven by nonallelic homologous recombination (NAHR) [ 18 19 21 27 ] . We have begun an investigation of the organization of this region within the chimpanzee lineage.

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