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  • The independence of C/EBPα regulation of proliferation from its intranuclear localization may even be necessary since we have recently determined that pituitary cell differentiation is associated with the dispersal of C/EBPα from peri-centromeric heterochromatin by the pituitary-specific transcription factor Pit-1 (J.

  • Rab24 does not have a classic nuclear localization signal sequence, but monomeric mycRab24(D123I) is theoretically small enough (24 kDa) to diffuse across the nuclear pores [ 61 ] . However, it is less likely that this could occur in the case of the larger EGFP-Rab24(D123I) fusion construct (50 kDa), which also formed abundant intranuclear inclusions (Fig.

  • In a recent large-scale screen with 1739 yeast proteins used as bait [ 3 ] , midasin (YLR106p) was identified in the polypeptide sets that copurified with four bait proteins, ESS1p, RPT1p, YML029p and HRT1p, that function principally in RNA metabolism and in the regulation of proteasomes (which are mostly intranuclear in yeast [ 50 ] ). However, the interpretation of these proteomic data is clouded by the fact that no protein partners were identified in the complementary experiment in which midasin was itself used as bait.

  • [ 35 ] found that ATRIP Rad26and ATR Rad3also re-localize to a large number of intranuclear foci.

  • Such constructs have been used successfully to define the functions of Rab1A and Rab1B [ 26 27 28 ] , Rab4 [ 29 ] , Rab5 [ 30 31 ] and Rab6 [ 32 ] . Unexpectedly, we found that expression of the mutant forms of Rab24 in cultured cells resulted in their accumulation in a striking array of insoluble intranuclear inclusions which disrupt the integrity of the nuclear envelope.

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