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  • We have shown that polony technology is an improved method to study, and potentially diagnosis, cancer [ 22 ] . Specifically, polony technology was successfully applied to both detect intragenic mutations in well-defined mutational hotspots in key cancer genes as well as determine if loss of heterozygosity of these same genes had occurred.

  • M6P/IGF2R loss of heterozygosity occurs frequently in human breast, liver and lung cancer [ 6 20 21 22 ] , and the remaining allele of 30 to 50% of these tumors contains an intragenic loss-of-function point mutation in the ligand binding domains [ 35 ] . The M6P/IGF2R is also commonly mutated in gastrointestinal and endometrial malignancies because its coding sequence contains a poly-G region that is a mutational target in tumors with mismatch repair deficiencies and microsatellite instability [ 23 24 ] . Functional studies show that the introduction of an exogenous wild-type M6P/IGF2R into human colorectal cancer cells with a single inactivated allele significantly decreases growth rate and enhances apoptosis [ 26 ] . Conversely, loss of M6P/IGF2R expression promotes cancer cell growth by increasing intracellular signaling from both the insulin-like growth factor I receptor and the insulin receptors [ 36 ] .

  • The rec12-117 mutant was isolated in a genetic screen; the rec12-117 mutation reportedly confers a 100-fold or greater reduction of intragenic recombination and a 6-fold reduction of intergenic recombination [ 33 ] . To define more precisely the requirement for Rec12 in meiotic chromosome dynamics, we used gene replacement to generate a null ( rec12-D15 ) mutation and a mutation in the putative active site tyrosine ( rec12-Y98F ). We then determined the effects of these mutations upon intergenic (crossover) recombination within intervals of chromosomes

  • Identification of four introns (Figure 1) and complete complementation of the rec12-117 hyporecombination defect by the full-length cDNA (Figure 2) confirmed that Rec12 protein is homologous to Spo11 of other eukaryotes [ 11 ] . Both Rec12 and its active site tyrosine are required for intragenic and intergenic recombination at multiple locations on all three chromosomes (Figure 2, Tables 1, 2, data not shown).

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