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  • The M6P/IGF2R is also mechanistically involved in the genesis of human cancer [ 6 20 21 22 23 24 ] . M6P/IGF2R loss of heterozygosity coupled with intragenic loss-of-function mutations in the remaining allele is a common event in human cancers [ 6 20 21 22 ] . Inheritance of a tandem repeat polymorphism in the 3' UTR of M6P/IGF2R furthermore predicts for enhanced susceptibility to oral cancer [ 25 ] . Moreover, tumor cell growth is inhibited when M6P/IGF2R expression is restored to normal while it is increased when gene expression is reduced [ 26 27 28 29 ] . The results of these mutational and functional studies clearly demonstrate that the M6P/IGF2R possesses the characteristics necessary to be classified as a tumor suppressor gene [ 30 ] .

  • M6P/IGF2R loss of heterozygosity occurs frequently in human breast, liver and lung cancer [ 6 20 21 22 ] , and the remaining allele of 30 to 50% of these tumors contains an intragenic loss-of-function point mutation in the ligand binding domains [ 35 ] . The M6P/IGF2R is also commonly mutated in gastrointestinal and endometrial malignancies because its coding sequence contains a poly-G region that is a mutational target in tumors with mismatch repair deficiencies and microsatellite instability [ 23 24 ] . Functional studies show that the introduction of an exogenous wild-type M6P/IGF2R into human colorectal cancer cells with a single inactivated allele significantly decreases growth rate and enhances apoptosis [ 26 ] . Conversely, loss of M6P/IGF2R expression promotes cancer cell growth by increasing intracellular signaling from both the insulin-like growth factor I receptor and the insulin receptors [ 36 ] .

  • Direct sequencing of these products confirmed both of these contained Abcg8 rat cDNA sequences, but the larger product contained a 66 bp insertion, resulting in a predicted in-frame addition of 22 amino acids, between exons 2 and 3. To confirm that this insertion resulted from an alternatively spliced mRNA, we amplified and sequenced the intragenic region between exons 2 and 3 and identified a 66 bp exon (exon 2b), flanked by canonical splice-sites (see Table 2and Fig.

  • The intragenic duplication of individual exons or enhancer elements also presents new opportunities for the evolution of new functions or greater regulatory complexity.

  • Since we can not tell which of two neighboring genes is regulated by each of the 102 intergenic modules we predict, we are obliged to label 237 genes (adding the 33 genes with intragenic modules) as potentially patterned.

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