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  • Particular attention was paid to the position of each probe with respect to the three large low-copy repeat clusters found within 15q11-q13; as these clusters contain both inter- and intrachromosomal segmental duplications, and correspond to the common deletion breakpoints of Prader-Willi and Angelman syndrome deletions [ 12 13 21 32 ] . The duplication track of the UCSC Genome Browser, August 2001 assembly, displays information obtained from a global analysis of segmental duplications in the human genome, and allows for the selection of informative unique clones [ 14 16 ] . In this manner, we selected probes flanking the human 15q11-q13 rearrangement breakpoints associated with common PWS/AS deletions.

  • This finding is consistent with data showing an abundance of both interchromosomal and intrachromosomal duplications in the human genome [ 41 ] . It is unclear how many of these duplications are due to errors in genome assembly and how many represent authentic segmental duplications; correctly assembling duplications as a genuine landscape features of the genome sequence is a formidable informatics challenge [ 41 ] . In the future, as better, more accurate, genome builds become available, particularly with regard to the presence of duplications and other rearrangements and the annotation of genes and their promoter regions becomes more thorough and correct, it will be important to repeat this study for the whole genome sequence.

  • We used BlastN [ 64] to identify intrachromosomal homology and to provide an initial look at the genomic landscape.

  • The majority of measured deletion events being detected are thus intrachromosomal events rather than loss of the entire chromosome 18.

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