Example sentences for: interprets

How can you use “interprets” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • His sense of shape may explain why he was drawn to geology, a science that interprets rocks and gashes in the earth and weaves these interpretations into a story of how the world grew.

  • Girls play this game in Mexico also, with a boy as the center player, which Inez Cardozo-Freeman interprets as a portrayal of betrayal and abandonment preparing little girls for marriage.

  • Ongoing research into this problem interprets hybridization data not only in terms of Watson-Crick base pairing, but also in terms of base stacking interactions, loops, bridges, and dangling ends - and in the case of DNA immobilized on nylon membranes - in terms of diffusion of solvents into and out of membrane pores, multiple interactions within pores, and details of the way in which the DNA is attached to its membrane support [ 8 ] .

  • Inosine mimics guanosine (G) in its base-pairing properties, and the translational machinery of the cell interprets I as G. In this way, an A-to-I conversion in the mRNA can alter the genetic information and, consequently, protein function.

  • Our culture now interprets nearly all pleasures as addictions--or potential addictions.

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