Example sentences for: interpolation

How can you use “interpolation” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • With one exception on chromosome 6p (see below) genetic map positions for the Screening Set STRPs were taken from the most recent Marshfield map [ 20 ] or by interpolation using the Marshfield map and the genetic and physical map positions described in the previous paragraph.

  • Use of the Linear Interpolation Method is based on the assumptions that the responses (1) are monotonically non-increasing (the mean response for each higher concentration is less than or equal to the mean response for the previous concentration), (2) follow a piece-wise linear response function, and (3) are from a random, independent, and representative sample of test data.

  • The optical density of the specimen was measured at 600 nm on a Stasar III spectrophotometer (Gilford Instruments, Oberlin, Ohio, USA) and quantified by interpolation on a previously constructed curve of optical density plotted against colony forming units (cfu).

  • Since Greene would juggle the same motifs for the rest of his life--the triangles, the bonds between cuckolds and lovers, the self-sacrificing renunciations, the use of birthmarks to indicate spiritual blight, the insistent pull of Catholicism--Jordan's interpolation seems not an impertinence but the highest form of respect.

  • There are inherent differences between the use of a NOEC or LOEC derived from hypothesis testing to estimate a "safe" concentration, and the use of a LC, EC, IC, or other point estimates derived from curve fitting, interpolation, etc.

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