Example sentences for: internalization

How can you use “internalization” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • Slides were incubated for 2 hrs at 4°C, to prevent internalization of the receptor and thus provide membrane staining.

  • Considering our experimental conditions, particularly using a single in vivo injection, the dermenkephalin seemed the most suitable agonist ligand to specifically stimulate the δ-opioid receptor and provoke a possible internalization of the receptor due to its affinity as well as to its strong resistance to degradation.

  • A more recent study carried out in rat spinal cord slices found a possible internalization of μ-opioid receptor after stimulation by DAMGO ( 30).

  • Sequentially mutating each of the four serines to alanine decreased the phosphorylation of the receptor by approximately 25% for each serine, and mutating either the first two or the last two serines to alanines prevented agonist-induced desensitization, but not agonist-induced sequestration/internalization [ 12 ] . The influence of mutations in this motif on down-regulation has not been investigated.

  • These results bring an important confirmation that data obtained in an in vitro system for G protein-coupled receptor internalization ( 3) are relevant to the CNS in vivo . The consequences on receptor expression (recycling and/or degradation) remain to be established.

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