Example sentences for: interlocked

How can you use “interlocked” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • Although the top and bottom threads are not interlocked, as in the lockstitch machine, the stitch is fixed in place and the seam has a bit more flexibility.

  • Aristotle says that Democritus conceived atoms—the word means unsplittables (Greek a- , not-, plus tomos , a cut, section)—as being particles at variance with one another which tend to get ensnarled and interlocked... fit snugly and so catch firm hold of one another, for some bodies are scalene while others are sharply hooked, some are concave, others convex...

  • In other words, chains are characterized by sequential, linear linking, in which the parts or interlocked end to end, clearly not the case in chain-armour or chain-link (for instance).

  • Nowhere does Slate prove that the following definition (from the "Anti-Semitism" ) has anything to do with the examples cited in Mr. Buchanan's book: "[Anti-Semitism] is an ideology--an interlocked set of principles and prejudices--in which certain nefarious traits or practices are ascribed to Jews as a people, even when few Jews exhibit those traits or when other people engage in those practices."

  • The three interlocked buildings of the (circa 1951) are daringly deployed in a pentagonal form across the rocky hillside of Connecticut coastal bluffs.

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