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  • in vitro proliferation, decreased production of interleukin-2 [ 2 6 7 8 ] and 11-2 receptor [ 7 9 10 ] , and defective progression thought the cell cycle [ 11 12 ] . HIV +infection likewise induces a progressive suppression in proliferation of both CD4 +and CD8 +T cells in vitro that correlates with clinical severity, as well as diminished 11-2 production [ 13 14 15 16 ] . However, even stronger parallels exist between immune phenomena in aging and AIDS than suppression of T cell proliferation and 11-2 production.

  • One example is the interleukin-2 (IL-2) promoter, which contains five NFAT binding sites in a region spanning 250 bp upstream of the TATA box [ 29, 30].

  • Certain members of the p24 family from vertebrates have also been shown to bind to specific ligands such as the interleukin-1 receptor-like molecule T1/ST2 and might aid its proper expression on the cell surface [ 19].

  • For just one example, triple-combo therapy is now being tested in conjunction with interleukin-2, an immune-system messenger that theoretically can help rev up the natural machinery that clears the virus from the body.

  • Once in the tissue, monocytes undergo the poorly understood process of transformation to macrophages with altered morphology and function [ 19 ] . In arthritis, synovial macrophages might cause joint destruction by differentiating to bone-resorbing osteoclasts [ 20 ] or by releasing cartilage-degrading enzymes and cytokines, such as interleukin-1 and tumor necrosis factor-α [ 8 ] . It has therefore been suggested that therapies for chronic arthritis should be aimed at depleting joint mononuclear cells or controlling the activation of synovial macrophages [ 21 ] . Indeed, elimination of macrophages by clodronate-laden liposomes in rat models of adjuvant [ 22 ] and antigen-induced arthritis [ 23 ] induces amelioration of the arthritis.

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