Example sentences for: inoculation

How can you use “inoculation” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • At 6,12 and 24 hour intervals following inoculation, the tumors were excised and analyzed for luciferase induction.

  • Inoculation of immunocompetent mice with MCMV causes persistent productive infection in salivary glands followed by latency [ 32 33 ] . This latency is characterized by the presence of the viral genome whereas infectious viral particles could not be detected.

  • The results of this experiment are presented in Figure 1. Columbia, wild type plants showed a three order of magnitude reduction in growth of virulent bacteria in plants that had received a prior inoculation with DC3000• avrB . SAR was also displayed by ndr1-1 mutant plants.

  • Mock infections were carried out in parallel, omitting bacteria at the time of inoculation.

  • Although rhinoviruses have been thought to be transmitted via large droplets or contact [ 7 ] , studies in the 1980's demonstrated that fomites are not an effective means of transmitting rhinovirus infections [ 8 9 10 ] . While direct inoculation of respiratory secretions has been shown to transmit infection, this is not a likely route of transmission in older children and adults as survival on hands is brief [ 9 ] . Airborne transmission of infection was clearly demonstrated in one experimental study on adults [ 8 ] . However, in the absence of epidemiological studies designed to conclusively identify modes of transmission, the role of airborne transmission in viral respiratory infection remains controversial.

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