Example sentences for: innervate

How can you use “innervate” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • Results in the present study revealed the location of MIF protein in the bladder and prostate of the rat and in the central and peripheral nervous system tissues that innervate these organs.

  • We undertook this study to answer questions not previously addressed by other investigations, namely: (1) Are the lumbosacral parasympathetic and sympathetic preganglionic neurons that innervate the bladder different from those that innervate the prostate, or to what extent do they dually innervate these organs?

  • The sympathetic nervous innervation is split into two portions: postganglionic adrenergic nerves that synapse on blood vessels and the smooth muscle that surround the alveoli, and sympathetic cholinergic nerves that innervate the glandular epithelium.

  • We examined the major pelvic ganglia, where the parasympathetic and sympathetic neurons that innervate the bladder and the prostate are located.

  • It has been shown by others that compared to muscles in the cat hindlimb where spindle classification can be based almost entirely on conduction velocity, non-limb muscles contain primary and secondary muscle spindle afferents that are generally slower conducting and exhibit overlapping bimodal or unimodal conduction velocity spectra [ 12 13 ] . These studies have shown that only the very fastest afferents innervate primary endings (>75 m/s) and the negatively adapting discharge frequency during static hold and the abrupt decrease in firing at the end of static stretch are the best criteria for characterization of primary spindle afferents.

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