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How can you use “inhabit” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • Owls and the obligatory kiskadee inhabit the woodlands.

  • The movie's slapstick and brutality inhabit the same psychological landscape, and Harry's acts of violence are viewed in stroboscopic flashes, held long enough to convey their garishness but so fleetingly that you might giggle at your own uncertainty: Did he really do what I think he did?

  • Yiddish is especially versatile in describing those poor souls who inhabit the world of the ineffectual, and each is assigned a distinct place in the gallery of pathetic types: schmo, schmendrik, schnook, schmegegge, schlep, schlub, schmuck, putz, klutz, kvetch , and nudnik . Yiddish easily coins new names for new personalities: a nudnik is a `pest'; a phudnik is a `nudnik with a Ph.D.' The rich nuances that suffuse this roll call are seen in the timeless distinction between a schlemiel `clumsy jerk' and a schlimazel `habitual loser': the schlemiel inevitably trips and spills his hot soup—all over the schlimazel.

  • The universe itself, together with the conscious beings who inhabit it, could be one of those patterns.

  • Nevertheless, an evolutionary affinity between Cyanobacteria ( Synechocystis ) and Actinomycetes ( Mycobacterium ) appears plausible, particularly given the presence, in these bacterial groups, of well-developed and partly similar signal transduction systems [ 27 ] . The connection between two hyperthermophilic bacteria, Aquifex and Thermotoga, also has obvious biological meaning, although, in this case, particular caution is due, given the possibility of preferential horizontal gene exchange between these organisms that inhabit similar environments.

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