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How can you use “influences” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • This putative association is strengthened by finding for the first time that targeting of RIα requires the AKAP binding surface [ 17 ] . Yotiao is another AKAP enriched at the NMJ, but appears to bind only RII [ 30 ] . PKA phosphorylates the nAChR when stimulated at the synapse by the neuropeptide CGRP and by adenosine from muscle responding to acetylcholine [reviewed by [ 31 ] ]. This phosphorylation may regulate the degradation of the nAChR [ 32 ] . Consistent with the action at the presynapse, it was shown that PKA facilitation of acetylcholine release is dependent on nerve endplate calcium concentration [ 33 ] . Based on our observation of colocalization with synaptophysin at presynaptic vesicles, RIα may be the isotype that influences this release of neurotransmitter.

  • It remains true that while the method one uses influences the answer one receives, it can be just as important to ask the right questions, which can be asked even in a series of one patient [11].

  • As anticipated, the hysterectomy prevalence corrections had large influences on the rates and probabilities.

  • Experimental evidence from microcosm studies indicates that climatic change may alter community stability if individual populations composing the community exhibit weak density dependence, or if climate change influences interspecific interactions [ 33 ] . While we caution against drawing general conclusions from this analysis, our results suggest that climatic change has the potential to influence the stability of this community by altering the dynamics and stability at any single, or all three, of the individual trophic levels.

  • “La Bamba” is considered to be a son jarocho (country folks’ dancing music), an example of the mestizo (mixed-race) musical tradition, with strong African influences, from the state of Veracruz.

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