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How can you use “inessential” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • But as a historian, I can't resist remarking that the cultivation of the inessential is a trademark of aristocratic societies (aristocrats deliberately spend their time on trifles to show that they can , and others can't), and that as charming as it appears to outsiders, most native members of the society are unlikely to be so well disposed, since the burden of the aristocracy falls on their shoulders.

  • Speaking as an American, this trend in British politics is something I deplore, and my opinion has only been strengthened by reading British authors like John Mortimer (of Rumpole of the Bailey fame), and magazines like the Spectator , which have made a fetish out of the British attitude toward inessential things.

  • In this, he resembles no one so much as Margaret Thatcher, whose attitude toward the inessential was one of brusque, snarling contempt.

  • Singer argued that we should regard every $200 we spend on anything inessential as the heartless crypto-murder of a Third World child, since the donation of that $200 to Oxfam or UNICEF would prevent an infant from dying.

  • And having seen one of the famous public schools at rather too close quarters back when I was 14, during your sabbatical year in London, I think that if I were British, I'd be more likely to approach those charming and inessential aspects of British society with a box of explosives than with the Spectator 's pious reverence (and on the Speccie in particular, you'll remember Ian Buruma's devastating account of the place in his book Anglomania ).

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