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  • In the Indus river valley, improved techniques permitted the storage of wheat and barley beyond daily needs, and so the cities of Harappa and Mohenjodaro emerged in the year 2300 b.c. , creating a civilization even more advanced than that of the Aryans who came later.

  • After presenting various systems of communication (signs, pictographs, rebuses, shorthand, tallies, Babylonian clay tokens, Peruvian quipus), Robinson discusses such ancient and now defunct but decipherable writing systems as Sumerian cuneiform, Egyptian hieroglyphs, Minoan Greek Linear B, and Mayan glyphs; ditto some of the more outstanding conundra awaiting decipherment--Cretan Linear A, Proto-Elamite, Etruscan, and the Easter Island and Indus scripts.

  • While rulers fought for control of the Ganga valley, new invaders appeared at India’s frontiers; Cyrus, Emperor of Persia, crossed the Hindu Kush mountains into the Indus valley in 530 b.c.

  • Modern archaeology suggests that this Indus Valley civilization was destroyed not by Aryan conquerors, but by floods, when the Indus river changed course, perhaps due to earthquakes, in about 1700 b.c.

  • Pottery finds can be interpreted to support either the imposition of an elite culture from Turkmenia or a late development of the Indus civilization.

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