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  • There is no law against combining bogus, ad hoc , “foreign” words and the real thing in one breath, just as Keillor's narrator does in his “Altrusian” blessing, juxtaposing what is obviously nonsense next to genuine Latin ( domino ) and Hebrew ( shadrach, meshach, abednego ). Likewise, in ancient Greek magical texts snippets of Egyptian, Hebrew, Aramaic, Coptic, and Babylonian words and proper names commingle in happy abandon with endless concatenations of gibberish, producing a veritable Babelian babble to challenge the ingenuity of Indo-European and Semitist scholars alike two thousand years later, as they wrangle with these more-than-sesquipedalian creations of Greco-Egyptian magical fantasy.

  • He finds no Indo-European cognates (of Latin futuo he notes It is a strange coincidence that Latin futuo is also an f word).

  • Nonetheless, it is convenient to think about the existence of a group of proto-dialects which can be referred to as Proto-Indo-European.

  • Finally, I would remind Mr. Henn that the point of the Vietnam war has nothing to do with whether we called the country 'Nam or Vietnam . It is that today Russian military personnel operate their ships and planes out of our former base complex at Cam Ranh Bay while the political language Ho Chi Minh imported from Moscow is now current through all of Indo-China .

  • Some of the varieties are unfamiliar, like Babu English, a mode of address and reference in several Indo-Aryan languages, including Hindi, for officials working forrajahs, landlords, etc.

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