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How can you use “indicates” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • The first CE ( A writer ) indicates a class to which TWAIN belongs; the second ( two ) offers a synonym of another possible meaning of the answer.

  • This indicates that mitochondrial outer membrane forms the boundary of vacuoles and mutant SOD1 may be attached to the outside of the vacuolar membrane.

  • Orwell constructed an alternative future in his vision of the totalitarian state, Nineteen Eighty-Four . The work has given English a small lode of unpleasantries: the title itself connotes a society marked by government terror and propaganda destroying the public's consciousness of reality (the OED Supplement also accepts 1984 and 1984-ish as adjective forms); that government's official language, Newspeak , now indicates the propagandistic or ambiguous language of, among others, politicians, bureaucrats, and broadcasters (“revenue enhancement” for “tax increase,” etc.); the twisting of minds to the capacity to accept the validity of utterly contradictory opinions or beliefs, or double-think ; the book's head of state, Big Brother , implies an apparently benevolent, but really ruthless, omnipotent, and omniscient state authority.

  • Western blot analysis of placental villi and trophoblast cultures indicates that cultured trophoblast cells show additional bands, including ~170 kDa species, possibly an LHR homodimer [ 19 ] . Although the ~170 kDa species persisted in late cultures, other (additional) LHR variants diminished.

  • A CI value < 1 indicates synergy and that of > 1 indicates antagonism.

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