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How can you use “increase” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • Even if textile products flowing to apparel sewn in this country (or in Mexico and the Caribbean Basin, where contractors assemble garments using U.S. textiles) decline, it is realistic to assume that some U.S. textile exports will increase in the near term and that there will be substantial increases in domestic industrial markets.

  • Prostaglandin E 2 is a major cyclooxygenase metabolite of arachidonic acid which exerts diverse effects on vascular smooth muscle tone and epithelial solute transport via G-protein coupled receptors [ 1 2 ] . At least four distinct G-protein coupled PGE 2 receptors have been cloned: the EP 1 , EP 2 , EP 3 , and EP 4 [ 1 ] . Pharmacological studies suggest PGE 2 relaxes vascular smooth muscle through two of these receptors, the EP 2 and EP 4 receptors, which couple to cyclic-AMP generation [ 3 ] . In contrast, PGE 2 constricts other vascular smooth muscle through EP 3 receptors which inhibit cAMP generation via G i or EP 1 receptors which increase Ca 2+mobilization [ 3 ] . Although both EP 2 and EP 4 receptors relax smooth muscle, EP 2 receptors are uniquely sensitive to the agonists butaprost and AH13205 [ 3 4 ] . Previous studies have shown that PGE 2 increases the cAMP concentration in many tissues including kidney, intestine and uterus, but the relative contribution of EP 2 versus EP 4 receptors to these effects is incompletely defined [ 5 6 ] . Recent studies in mice with targeted disruption of these receptors have suggested an important role for EP2 receptor in regulating systemic hemodynamics.

  • Secondary outcomes included serious adverse events (disease progression, acute retroviral syndrome, therapy failure, or opportunistic infections at any point in the study), changes in CD4 count on therapy, immune reconstitution changes (CD4 recall responses and CD4 naïve/memory T cell distribution), and detection of viral mutations There were no study-related serious adverse events in either group and no increase of therapy failure in the STI arm.

  • Both t PTEF and t E will influence the final value of the ratio t PTEF / t E . In a patient with airway obstruction, slow exhalation secondary to an increased expiration time constant will increase t E . In addition, active breaking is diminished, leading to decreased t PTEF . Both these mechanisms result in a low t PTEF / t E value in a patient with airway obstruction.

  • The increase in pressure after the highest dose of risperidone was interesting and was also observed following electrical stimulation of the pelvic nerve suggesting a possible peripheral mechanism.

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