Example sentences for: incongruence

How can you use “incongruence” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • Thus, in X. fastidiosa the incongruous phylogenetic position of trpR , the redundancy of the trp -linked genes encoding trpAa and trpAb , and the distinct phylogenetic incongruence of the latter gene pair all supported a reasonable possibility of origin by LGT.

  • The incongruence between the SSU and the ThiF domain trees suggests that Ps-moeZ may have been acquired by P. stutzeri strain KC by lateral gene transfer (LGT) from an ancestor more closely related to mycobacteria and cyanobacteria than to proteobacteria.

  • The phylogenetic incongruence of trpR , a regulatory gene in Xylella fastidiosa , led to recognition of a low-GC gene block in X. fastidiosa.

  • During an ongoing analysis of the genomic distribution of tryptophan-pathway genes, we observed two such cases, that is, where one set of genes was phylogenetically congruent, in contrast to the incongruence of redundant gene copies that were linked to one another.

  • [ 19 ] . Significance of Incongruence Length Differences (ILDs [ 20 21 ] ) were calculated using the Partition Homogeneity Option in PAUP 4.0b7 [ 14 ] . Partitioned Bremer supports for the inversion partition and the DNA partition were calculated using the approaches outlined in Baker et al.

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