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  • In turn, this will avoid incidences of premature mortality, aggravation of respiratory and cardiopulmonary illnesses, and diminished lung function which results in lost work days, school absences and increased hospitalizations and emergency room visits, and will also avoid damage to eco-systems, fish and other wildlife.

  • At this point, we derive estimates of the differences between the two scenarios in terms of incidences of a range of human health effects that are associated with exposure to ambient particulate matter and ozone.

  • In this study we apply the powerful microarray technology to study the injuries of the brachial plexus, a typical form of nerve injury from motorcycle or workplace incidences [ 1 ] . Since this is largely a paper focusing on methodology, we refer the readers to our website [ 2 ] for details of the brachial plexus injuries.

  • The only exception is the arsC found on the pKW301 plasmid of A. multivorum , which shows high sequence similarity to the plasmid-borne arsC sequences found in the Enterobacteriales, strongly suggesting relatively recent plasmid transfer between a member of this group and A. multivorum . Indeed, the ars operon found in A. multivorum is expressed and confers arsenate resistance when transferred to E. coli [ 21 ] . Three other types of plasmid-borne arsC genes are found in R. solanacearum , Clostridium acetobutylicum , and Halobacterium halobium , demonstrating that plasmid-borne arsC genes are phylogenetically widespread and suggesting multiple incidences of chromosomal-plasmid transfer.

  • As indicated in the previous section on quantification of premature mortality benefits, we assume for this analysis that some of the incidences of premature mortality related to PM exposures occur in a distributed fashion over the five years following exposure.

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