Example sentences for: in-frame

How can you use “in-frame” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • The discovery that all of the in-frame insertions in α s produced truncated fluorescent fusion proteins suggested that we could identify in frame insertions by transiently expressing all of the transposed clones and visually screening them for fluorescence.

  • This sequence was cloned into pCMV5, in-frame with a 5' myc epitope tag sequence, and altered to encode the N124I substitution as stated above for Rab24.

  • The longest BTBD1 cDNA clone obtained from two-hybrid screening (3196 bp) contains an ORF that encodes a 482 aa protein starting with an ATG that is preceded by an in-frame stop codon.

  • The GAL4 fusion plasmids were obtained by subcloning the appropriate cDNAs into the pGaL4PolyII plasmid [ 24 ] , in-frame with the yeast GAL4 binding domain coding sequence.

  • The EC coupling recovered by fs-α 1S could be due either to the activity of the N-terminal half of α 1S alone or to protein-protein complementation between the N-terminal half and a fragment expressing the C-terminal half of α 1S . The C-terminal half of α 1S could have been translated by the fs-α 1S expression vector if the ATG codon (Met701), which is downstream from the TGA termination codon and is in-frame with the wild-type message (Fig 1B) served as open reading frame for translation of the second half of the wt message.

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