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  • The EC coupling recovered by fs-α 1S could be due either to the activity of the N-terminal half of α 1S alone or to protein-protein complementation between the N-terminal half and a fragment expressing the C-terminal half of α 1S . The C-terminal half of α 1S could have been translated by the fs-α 1S expression vector if the ATG codon (Met701), which is downstream from the TGA termination codon and is in-frame with the wild-type message (Fig 1B) served as open reading frame for translation of the second half of the wt message.

  • The pVP16-hCAF1 and pVP16-hPOP2 constructs were obtained upon insertion of the hCAF1 and hPOP2 coding regions into the pSG5FNV vector, in-frame with the VP16 transactivation domain coding sequence, as previously described [ 17 25 ] .

  • The remaining 606 clones are assumed to be 5' short because they do not possess a 5' in-frame stop codon and the corresponding annotated ORF in Release 3 extends further 5'.

  • Multiple in-frame exons in a continuous ORF were always considered part of a single gene.

  • From this analysis, we estimated the rates of total synonymous and non-synonymous substitutions for 200 fragments that were aligned in-frame and then analyzed with the program NAGV2 [ 26 ] using the methods of Nei and Gojobori [ 27 ] . The results of these analyses show that the average nucleotide diversity between the two species is 2.59% ± 0.06% (range 0% to 18.

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