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  • The EC coupling recovered by fs-α 1S could be due either to the activity of the N-terminal half of α 1S alone or to protein-protein complementation between the N-terminal half and a fragment expressing the C-terminal half of α 1S . The C-terminal half of α 1S could have been translated by the fs-α 1S expression vector if the ATG codon (Met701), which is downstream from the TGA termination codon and is in-frame with the wild-type message (Fig 1B) served as open reading frame for translation of the second half of the wt message.

  • To generate pGaL4-hCCR4, a fragment corresponding to the entire hCCR4 coding sequence (with the exception of the initiation codon) was obtained upon digestion of the KIAA1194 cDNA (accession number AB033020, gift from the Kazusa Research Institute, putative start codon -Met 19-positioned by homology with mCCR4) by Sph I and Msc I (nt 423 to 2172 in KIAA1194), and was inserted in-frame into the pGaL4PolyII vector opened by Xho I, after Klenow treatment of both vector and insert.

  • First, pBS-NFATp(391-583) was created using single-stranded pBS-KS +-NFATp(NdeI) for site-directed mutagenesis with two oligonucleotides: a unique in-frame ATG codon contained in an Nde I site was created in place of the codon for amino acid 390 using an oligonucleotide of sequence 5'-CATCTGCAGCATCCATATGACTGCATCCCTC-3' and a stop codon was created in the NFATp cDNA after amino acid 583 using an oligonucleotide of sequence 5'-GTTGAAAGACAATAAACAGAATTCTGCCTGGTCTATG-3'.

  • The C/EBPβ mRNA contains three in-frame methionines which give rise to three different translation products: p38, p35, and p20-C/EBPβ [ 21].

  • A potential translation initiation codon in the NotI/BamHI fragment (3 kb) of clone 4B1 starts an open reading frame that encodes a polypeptide sequence highly homologous to the first six transmembrane domains of the human EP2 receptor [ 20 ] . The amino acid sequence of the open reading frame in the NotI fragment (6 kb) of clone 6A was homologous to the seventh transmembrane domain (TMD VII), followed by a short C-terminal tail and an in-frame stop codon.

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