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  • Paramutable maize alleles of b1 and pl1 are highly effective in relaying such an imprint [ 24 25 ] (also see [ 3 ] ), whereas other loci, although sensitive to imprinting, are less effective [ 26 ] or apparently ineffective [ 8 ] in relaying the imprint to secondary targets.

  • The simplest explanation for our finding of weak but consistent functional imprinting of Tnfrh1 , with relative hyper-expression from the maternal allele, is that the KvDMR1 control element exerts distance-dependent effects.

  • These two elements control, respectively, the allele-specific expression of the H19/Igf2/Ins2 gene cluster, and the second gene cluster containing Kcnq1, the antisense transcript Kcnq1ot1, p57 Kip 2/ Cdkn1c, Slc22a1l, Ipl/Tssc3 and possibly additional genes [ 1 2 ] . There is good evidence assigning one border of the overall imprinted region to the DNA immediately downstream of H19 [ 3 ] . However, the other border, which must lie upstream of Ipl is less well-defined [ 4 ] . Here we show evidence for weak imprinting of a gene, Tnfrh1 , which is located upstream of

  • Yet, these data fall short of proving aspect (b) of the imprinting relay because, surprisingly, the combination of naive L91 and E82 loci also caused non-linear gene dosage effects that could result in the heritable trans-silencing of the E82 locus in at least one instance.

  • To investigate potential imprinting of Tnfrh1 and Tnfrh2 , we next searched for genetic polymorphisms in these genes that would allow us to distinguish maternal from paternal alleles in interspecific mouse crosses.

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