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How can you use “implying” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • It has previously been shown that IL-8 mRNA induction was seen less then 1 h after Tat (72aa) stimulation, and levels remained elevated for up to 24 h, leading to IL-8 protein production [ 102 ] . Along these lines, we have previously shown that the IL-8 gene is expressed in a cell cycle-dependent manner in cells that express the Tat protein, and the induction is during the S phase of the cell cycle and regulated by stable NF-kB binding to the IL-8 promoter [ 103 ] . When looking for IL-8 at the G1/S border, we found that all Tat containing cells, including PBMCs that were treated with exogenous Tat showed an up-regulation of IL-8 in the supernatant (Figure 4), further implying that results obtained from the H9/Tat system may infact be of general physiological relevance in vivo.

  • However, treatment with LMB completely shifts GFP-N200 from the cytoplasm to the nucleus, implying GFP-N200 may shuttle between the nucleus and the cytoplasm, consistent with the existence of both the NES and the NLS in GFP-N200 (Fig 6and Fig 7).

  • Initial simulation estimates based on monotonic population expansion suggested that useful LD was unlikely to extend beyond 3 kb, implying a number of 500,000 SNPs necessary for a whole-genome scan [ 32 ] . Another study looking at real data found that LD extended over much larger distances and arrived at an estimate as small as 30,000 SNPs, or 1 SNP per 100 kb [ 33 ] . Recent evidence suggests that the genome consists of blocks of high LD (haplotype blocks) separated by recombination hot spots [ 34 ] . Within each block, a limited number of common haplotypes (three to five) typically capture about 90% of all chromosomes, which means that a reduced number of SNPs would be needed to characterize these haplotypes [ 35 ] . Thus, the recently initiated construction of a haplotype map of the human genome may facilitate selection of SNP markers for genomewide association studies like ours.

  • "Indicated" is a way of implying he said it while indicating he must not have actually said it.

  • In addition, a second rise in TTP expression was observed in vivo , which did not correlate with any detectable rise in TNF concentration, implying that there are additional factors involved in the regulation of this intracellular protein.

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