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How can you use “immature” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • cDNA clones were from three, non-normalized cDNA libraries: a mixture of adult tissue (projects 707 and 945, W23 inbred line with active Mutator transposons), 4-day-old roots (project 614, W23 inbred line), and immature ears (project 606, Oh43 inbred line).

  • Targeted null Brn3c mutants have no mature hair cells [ 1 2 ] . Close examination has revealed that some 'immature' hair cells form in Brn3c null mutants and express cellular markers such as Myosin VI and VIIa, calretinin and parvalbumin [ 3 ] . Furthermore, these immature hair cells of Brn3c null mutants undergo apoptosis in neonates [ 3 ] . Consistent with an apparent absence of mature hair cells, initial work suggested that all vestibular and most spiral ganglion cells are lost by postnatal day 14 (P14; [ 1 ] ). However, more detailed quantification by others [ 3 ] reported that at P4 about 77% of vestibular neurons and only 29% of spiral neurons are lost.

  • Cummins and Hewlett Packard managers indicated that, in the past, their companies learned the hard way by trying to make quantum leaps in product performance and by including immature technologies.

  • Constitutive expression of a number of HSPs and molecular chaperones has been characterized in immature oocytes and mature mouse eggs [ 38 39 40 ] , though none as yet have been localized to the oolemma.

  • Inactivation of the enzyme causes the production of immature, noninfectious viral particles.

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