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  • 27 to 0.33 M) of exogenous sugars on seedling development within 2 to 3 days of the start of imbibition [ 47 ] . Therefore, it was of interest to determine whether seedlings become resistant to the inhibitory effects of high sugar concentrations on seed storage lipid mobilization within the same time frame.

  • Interestingly, wild-type Arabidopsis seedlings were shown previously to become insensitive to sugar-mediated inhibition of early seedling development within 2 to 3 days of the start of imbibition [ 47 ] . In addition, seedlings of Brassica napus , a close relative of Arabidopsis, undergo a dramatic metabolic shift during the same time period [ 67 ] . Approximately 2 days after the start of imbibition, B. napus seedlings shift from being dependent on lipid breakdown to being dependent on photosynthesis for sugar formation.

  • For example, whereas seedlings growing in the absence of added Glc or sorbitol mobilize approximately 50% of their 20:1 within 3 days of the start of imbibition (Figure 1), seedlings grown on 0.3 M Glc or 0.4 M sorb + 0.03 M Glc mobilize only 20 to 30% of their 20:1 after 22 days (Figure 3).

  • Finally, the increase in the amount of fatty acid present in the membranes of seedlings harvested at day "x" after the start of imbibition can be calculated using the following equation:

  • Within approximately three days of the start of imbibition, germinating Arabidopsis seeds become insensitive to the inhibitory effects of exogenous glucose on seed storage lipid mobilization.

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