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How can you use “dubnium” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • The Americans will claim elements 104 (rutherfordium, after physicist Ernest Rutherford) and 106 (seaborgium, after nuclear physicist Glen Seaborg); the Russians get element 105 (dubnium, after the Joint Institute of Nuclear Research in Dubna, Russia); and the Germans 107 to 109 (respectively bohrium, after Danish quantum physicist Niels Bohr; hassium, after the German state of Hesse, where it was discovered; and meitnerium, after German physicist Lise Meitner).

  • Still, they enjoy a brief existence of a sort, and names for them, honoring physicists and the locations of their laboratories, are already queued up awaiting approval by the scientific community at large: Rutherfordium for #104 (Ernest Rutherford), Dubnium for #105 (after the Russian lab at Dubna), Seaborgium for #106 (Glenn Seaborg), Bohrium for #107 (Niels Bohr), Hassium for #108 (Hesse province in Germany, where the Darmstadt lab is located) and—the first element to be named solely for a woman—Meitnerium for #109 (Lise Meitner).

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