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How can you use “diversification” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • A complex scenario for the origin and diversification of Artemisia and Seriphidium , and subsequent parallel evolution of the two genera in the Old and New Worlds, was proposed by Ling [ 39 49 ] . The putative common ancestor to both "sister genera" was hypothesized to have existed in northern Asia, based on reported fossil pollen records that date the taxa to the early Oligocene or lower Eocene of the lower Tertiary, with speciation accompanied by migrations during the Tertiary and Quaternary periods - forced southward by the advancing polar ice sheets.

  • In addition to the variable phyletic patterns, the proteins of the P60-like family also show extensive lineage-specific diversification in terms of their domain architectures (Figure 3).

  • However, with remarkable consistency, for all three species groups analyzed here, approximately 1% of orthologous genes seem to have experienced accelerated evolution, suggesting functional and potentially adaptive diversification that is conspicuous enough to be detected at a statistically significant level.

  • It thus appears that part of the diversification of CSN function may arise from formation of smaller subcomplexes.

  • Perhaps there are other biospheres, and they too hum in persistent diversification.

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