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  • Although it was not initially detected in five immunoaffinity-purified rheumatoid arthritis samples, it was detected after the acid dissociation of immune complexes.

  • In other studies we found the observed equilibrium dissociation constant ( obs K D ) of recombinant HA-NFATp for a high affinity NFAT site (mouse IL-4 promoter) to be 1 nM (data not shown).

  • The lack of mature HsN3 in Smad1 immunoprecipitates does not reflect the inability of Smad1 to bind prosequence-less HsN3, but is likely due to either the trapping/degradation of Smad1 inside of the proteasome, or the rapid dissociation of Smad1 from HsN3.

  • The process of membrane vesiculation and MP-release in platelets has been shown to require a calpain-dependent dissociation of membrane proteins from the submembrane cytoskeleton and most likely involves intracellular signaling by platelet protein kinases [ 10 ] . Besides platelets stimulated by various agonists such as thrombin with collagen or the complement complex C5b-9 [ 7 11 ] , a release of PS-containing membrane MP was demonstrated in other cell types such as endotoxin-stimulated monocytes [ 12 ] , polymorphonuclear leucocytes stimulated with the chemotactic peptide FMLP [ 13 ] or apoptotic T-lymphocytes [ 14 ] . The normal restriction of PS to the inner surface of the plasma membrane becomes perturbed in apoptotic cells [ 15 16 ] . When exposed, PS is a determinant for phagocyte recognition of cells to be cleared.

  • Consistent with this observation, studies of detergent-induced dissociation of LHCs suggested that Chl b is held by the proteins approximately two-times more tightly than Chl a [ 24 ] . Tighter binding of Chl b is apparently responsible for the well-known stability of light-harvesting complexes during mildly denaturing gel electrophoresis.

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