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  • Human Fhit protein, a member of the Fhit branch of the histidine triad superfamily of nucleotide-binding proteins, binds and hydrolyzes diadenosine polyphosphates such as ApppA and AppppA ( 1 ) into AMP plus ADP and ATP, respectively [ 8 9 10 ] . His96, which is responsible for covalent catalysis and more than 4× 10 6-fold of rate enhancement in ApppA hydrolysis [ 9 11 12 13 ] , is nonetheless dispensable for ApppA-binding and tumor suppression, suggesting that Fhit function in tumor suppression depends on formation of an E-S complex [ 2 12 ] . If Fhit-substrate complexes promote tumor suppression by stimulating a pro-apoptotic effector, then Fhit inhibitors that resemble natural substrates may promote Fhit function.

  • At this point, however, it is not clear what the exact structural requirements for retrohoming are, or which tertiary interactions are dispensable for the reaction.

  • proteins' dispensability) correlates with rates of protein evolution [ 1 2 ] . Essential proteins or those that are less dispensable to an organism tend to evolve slower than those that are more dispensable.

  • Of the sixteen U3 gene trap proviruses selected in ES cells that we have introduced into the germline, six resulted in obvious phenotypes (typically embryonic death) when bred to homozygosity [ 10 21 28 29 30 31 32 ] . In cases where no obvious phenotypes are observed, it is important to determine if the insert did not disrupt gene expression or if the gene is dispensable.

  • A surprising finding of this study was that the F-box of Pop2p is dispensable for Rum1p degradation and ploidy control, while the F-box of Pop1p is essential for both functions (Fig.

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