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How can you use “dispensable” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • proteins' dispensability) correlates with rates of protein evolution [ 1 2 ] . Essential proteins or those that are less dispensable to an organism tend to evolve slower than those that are more dispensable.

  • It is dispensable for chromosome pairing and synapsis in some organisms, but is required in others [ 22 24 25 26 27 28 ] . Budding yeast spo11Δ (null) mutants lack chromosome pairing, but catalytic site tyrosine mutants ( spo11-Y135F ) support significant levels of DSB-independent pairing [ 29 ] , so the function of Spo11 proteins in pairing may be separable from its function in catalyzing recombination.

  • [The Times, 20 June 1988] There is probably something to be said in favour of the occasional use of rude language in drama for the sake of realism; on the other hand, in the real world rude language is often the resort of those who are unable to articulate their thoughts and emotions, and the presence of characters so afflicted is certainly dispensable in drama.

  • Of the sixteen U3 gene trap proviruses selected in ES cells that we have introduced into the germline, six resulted in obvious phenotypes (typically embryonic death) when bred to homozygosity [ 10 21 28 29 30 31 32 ] . In cases where no obvious phenotypes are observed, it is important to determine if the insert did not disrupt gene expression or if the gene is dispensable.

  • Human Fhit protein, a member of the Fhit branch of the histidine triad superfamily of nucleotide-binding proteins, binds and hydrolyzes diadenosine polyphosphates such as ApppA and AppppA ( 1 ) into AMP plus ADP and ATP, respectively [ 8 9 10 ] . His96, which is responsible for covalent catalysis and more than 4× 10 6-fold of rate enhancement in ApppA hydrolysis [ 9 11 12 13 ] , is nonetheless dispensable for ApppA-binding and tumor suppression, suggesting that Fhit function in tumor suppression depends on formation of an E-S complex [ 2 12 ] . If Fhit-substrate complexes promote tumor suppression by stimulating a pro-apoptotic effector, then Fhit inhibitors that resemble natural substrates may promote Fhit function.

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