Example sentences for: disciplined

How can you use “disciplined” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • This must be the most disciplined set of addicts in the world, because none of them has ever used drugs once since they joined the White House staff."

  • In parts of the Southwest, children were disciplined by parents who narrated scary stories of The Black Hand.

  • T>he Dream Life of Balso Snell seems to have taught him the rudiments of literary form, and in his next two novels, Miss Lonelyhearts (1933) and A Cool Million (1934), he funneled this half-hysterical personality of his into some reasonably disciplined yet fully grotesque story lines--in the case of Miss Lonelyhearts , the noir daily life of a cynical Christian advice columnist, and in the case of A Cool Million , the adventures of a Horatio Alger-type character.

  • With regard to planning for major technology projects, IRS has historically lacked disciplined and structured processes for developing and managing information technology.

  • acidic balanced clean aged big cloying alcoholic bitter common aromatic bland complex astringent bouquet corky austere chalky creamy baked character crisp deep lively sensuous delicate maderized sharp developed manly simple disciplined mature small dry meager smoky earthy mealy smooth elegant medium soft empty mellow solid evolved metallic sound fat mineral sour feminine moldy spicy fierce mossy steely fiery musky stiff fine noble stony finesse nutty strong firm oaky sturdy flabby odd stylish flat off succulent flowery old sugary forceful ordinary supple foxy overripe sweet fragile peppery syrupy fragrant perfumed tangy fresh positive tannic fruity powerful tart full-bodied prickly tender gassy pungent thin gay racy unbalanced gentle rare unharmonious graceful refreshing unripe grapy rich velvety hard ripe vigorous harmonious robust watery harsh rough weak hearty round wild heavy rugged withered honest salty woody hot sappy young insipid savory zestful light scented little semisweet

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