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How can you use “disassembly” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • Initial analysis of approximately 157,000 SAGE tags from PC12 cells cultured without or with NGF for 9 days revealed nearly 800 transcripts (of a total of at least 21,000) that are regulated by ± 6-fold or greater in response to NGF [ 11 ] . Of these, approximately 150 were assignable to named genes of known functions that regulate cellular behaviors ranging from actin and microtubule cytoskeleton assembly/disassembly, gene transcription, RNA processing, neurotransmission, and energetics.

  • Tem1 recruits Cdc15 to the spindle pole body, which in turn recruits and phosphorylates the Dbf2/Mob1 protein kinase complex, thereby switching it on [ 2 14 15 16 17 ] . The Tem1-signaling pathway eventually triggers disassembly of the RENT complex, enabling the release of Cdc14 (and a portion of Sir2) from Net1.

  • Cdc5 participates in disassembly of the RENT complex during anaphase

  • Dynamic changes in MHC phosphorylation levels within the contractile ring have been reported in dividing sea urchin embryos [ 35 ] , suggesting that MHC phosphorylation as a mechanism regulating furrow myosin II disassembly may occur in other systems besides D. discoideum . We suggest that MHCK-C participates in this regulated myosin II filament disassembly in D. discoideum , and that this function may be regulated at both the cellular and biochemical level.

  • Our analysis of Cdc5's role in release of Cdc14 from the RENT complex revealed that Cdc5 is required for disassembly of RENT in late anaphase, that Cdc5 can provoke premature disassembly of RENT in pre-anaphase cells, and that Cdc5 controls (at least in part) the phosphorylation state of Net1 during anaphase.

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