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  • In S. cerevisiae , disassembly of the RENT complex and the subsequent release of Cdc14 from the nucleolus drive cells to exit mitosis [ 8 9 ] . This event is thought to require two independent signals: an unknown mitosis-specific signal and a signal from the mitotic exit network (MEN) proteins including Tem1, Cdc15, and Dbf2 [ 8 9 ] . The Polo-like kinase Cdc5 also belongs to the MEN, thus we tested whether it too is required for release of Cdc14 from the nucleolus by using indirect immunofluorescence to compare Cdc14 localization patterns in wild type and cdc5-1 cells.

  • The amount of the 3 × Ala myosin-II enrichment in the furrow cortex might represent normal accumulation of myosin-II that is ordinarily offset by the disassembly of the myosin-II thick filaments possibly as a part of a feedback mechanism that senses the mechanical needs of the cell.

  • (2004) present data linking Msx1 function to microtubule disassembly during the process of salamander myofiber cellularization and fragmentation (myofibers are formed from myotubes and represent the completely mature form of the differentiated skeletal muscle cell).

  • Extended polyubiquitin chains could slow down chain disassembly, thereby allowing ample time for unfolding and proteolysis of the substrate (Figure 2).

  • Since this chaperone can directly bind to protein aggregates and promote there disassembly (Glover and Lindquist 1998), it was suggested that the main function of Hsp104 in prion inheritance is to disaggregate large prion aggregates to smaller elements, thus leading to formation of new seeds (Kushnirov and Ter-Avanesyan 1998).

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