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  • Surprisingly, mir-286 is the only member of this seven-miRNA cluster that is conserved in Anopheles , indicating tremendous flux in the miRNA content of this region even within the Diptera.

  • This is intriguing considering that both mosquito and fly species belong to the same taxonomic order (Diptera), and diverged approximately 250 million years ago, as compared to the 450 million years separating pufferfish and humans [ 45 ] . It has been noted that only half the genes in the Drosophila and Anopheles genomes can be interpreted as homologues [ 46 ] . We have identified a 250 amino acid protein (CG12104-PA) in the Drosophila database, which contains a partial HMG-box motif with weak similarity to the TOX family.

  • This is in general agreement with analyses of orthologous protein pairs, which showed that dipteran pairs had a higher rate of divergence than did fish/human pairs [ 51 ] . Since it may be argued that the selective environmental pressures are more different between these sequenced vertebrates, it may be that the relatively high rate of divergence in Diptera is a consequence of their shorter generation times.

  • This paper will investigate the genes encoding K +channels of two distantly related Diptera now that their entire genomes have been made public.

  • If homologs of the cg4715 gene are conserved among Diptera and Lepidoptera, the interrelationship between members of the baculoviridae and TED, the lepidopteran gypsy element capable of integrating into both a host insect and a baculovirus genome, provides a clear pathway via DNA recombination for the exchange of members of the ld130 gene family between host cells, baculovirus genomes, and the transposable element.

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