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  • As a byproduct, cotton linter is considered 100 percent recycled/recovered and, although it is bleached to make it snowy white, the process doesn't produce dioxins as with wood pulp bleaching.

  • For much of the 20 thcentury the secondary sex ratio (male births/all births) has been declining in many countries [ 16 17 18 ] . It has been speculated that this declining sex ratio is a sentinel indicator of environmental contamination [ 17 ] , although others have argued that, on a population level, this is not the case [ 16 18 19 20 21 ] . There is evidence, however, that hormonal levels around the time of conception are associated with the sex ratio of offspring [ 22 ] , and there is compelling evidence that exposure to particular chemicals does lead to changes in the sex ratio of offspring [ 23 24 25 26 27 ] , as seen, for example, with exposure to dioxins following an explosion at an herbicide plant in Seveso, Italy [ 26 27 ] . Animal studies have suggested that exposure to PCBs may lower the sex ratio of offspring [ 28 29 30 ] . Studies among human populations exposed to PCBs in different settings, however, have suggested increases [ 31 ] , decreases [ 32 33 ] , or no change [ 34 35 ] in the sex ratio.

  • A society whose indigenous religion centers on nature worship for decades has tolerated appalling environmental damage — commercially exploiting its own nature reserves for timber, lining river banks and beds with concrete, and filling its air, water, and land with dioxins and other pollutants.

  • Le Soir of Brussels led with the resignation of two Belgian government ministers after a food scare over the sale of chickens and eggs containing high levels of cancer-causing dioxins.

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