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  • gi: 17229771, e = 10 -4in iteration 1) and a diguanylate cyclase from Rhodobacter sphaeroides (gi: 22958462 e = 10 -3in iteration 3).

  • HD domains typically possess phosphoesterase activity, and are fused to catalytic domains that possess nucleotide kinase, nucleotidyltransferase, nucleotide cyclase or diguanylate cyclase activity [ 19 29 ] . This fits well with the observed cyclase activity seen in CyaB, but is also consistent with phosphotransferase or nucleotidyl transferase for the CYTH domain.

  • The bacterial solo versions co-occur in predicted operons encoding genes for two component systems and diguanylate cyclases or phosphodiesterases, and are likely to transmit signals to these downstream molecules.

  • They are likely to function as sensors of diffusible gaseous ligands that activate at least three distinct, downstream signaling pathways: namely phosphotransfer through the two-component systems, methyl ester-dependent chemotactic response and cyclic nucleotide signaling through the diguanylate cyclases/phosphodiesterases.

  • Genes encoding practically all the solo versions of the HNOB domain occur in the same predicted operon as a histidine kinase or a GGDEF domain (diguanylate cyclase) [ 33 34 35 ] . In some cases these operons also encode receiver domain proteins of the two component systems, PP2C phosphatases or cyclic diguanylate phosphodiesterases (Fig.

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