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  • French, being a Latin-derived language, is also very rich in digraphs, which are often still retained today in France, but are dying out in Quebec: cœur and œuvre are common examples.

  • These are almost never seen in the US today, but they are still occasionally encountered in British and other varieties of English influenced by British practice, although it is usually the unligated form that one encounters, not the digraphs.

  • However, as even the British spell this word the US way now, the best examples of current US/non-US dichotomies in the use of the digraphs can be gleaned from the world of medicine and science, as in gynœcology/gynecology, hœmatology/hematology, œsophagus/esophagus, œstrogen/ estrogen, cœsium/cesium, œdema/edema, œstrus/estrus, pœdiatrics/pediatrics .

  • That is owing in part to the lack of sophistication among type designers and, undoubtedly, in part to the changes in spelling practices, even in Britain, where the digraphs are gradually being replaced by a single character, usually e.

  • \, \?\), 3. ligatures (œ, æ, β, &), 4. digraphs (ch, sz), 5. numbers and modified numbers, 6. punctuation marks and other non-alphabetic characters (!, #, '), 7. letters from non-Roman alphabets (þ, \?\).

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