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  • Diapausing embryos of the orthopteran Austroicetes cruciata undergo slow development for the first two months of diapause, before entering a resting stage [ 24 ] . Similarly, caterpillars of Cirphus unipunctata and Laphygma exigua continue to feed and develop during diapause, albeit at a much-reduced rate [ 25 ] , and caterpillars of the corn-stalk borer Sesamia nonagriodes undergo non-stationary moults during diapause [ 26 ] . These examples hint that the expression of diapause-controlled dormancy may vary between species [ 2 ] . Consequently, diapause could be considered extreme regulation of developmental rate, rather than a shutting down of morphological development.

  • Katatrepsis, and the end of diapause, however, occurs earlier in embryos maintained at higher temperatures, (10°C and 16°C) and can be bought forward in embryos maintained at 0-4°C by transferring them to 16°C at day 49.

  • Diapause in the pea aphid represents an extreme regulation of developmental rate and may be controlled by the same mechanisms that control developmental rate at other life stages.

  • Work on diapause in the flesh fly Sarcophaga crassipalpis has identified a second class of genes that may be involved in diapause regulation [ 39 ] . These are the heat shock proteins, which are normally expressed during times of stress [ 40 ] and which provide cryptoprotection during diapause.

  • Diapause in the pea aphid involves a period of slow growth, the progression of which is temperature independent.

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