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How can you use “diapause” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • Diapause, therefore, represents a discrete developmental process that should be controlled, at least in part, by stereotyped gene expression.

  • Alternatively, diapause in many other insects may also involve a slowing but not a cessation of morphological development.

  • It is this lack of responsiveness that is a distinguishing characteristic of diapause [ 2 ] . In most animals diapause can occur only at a specific developmental stage, be it as an embryo, juvenile, or adult.

  • Once in diapause, development is not resumed even if conditions return to those amenable to growth.

  • According to Behrandt, diapause occurs at the end of anatrepsis (germband immersion) in Aphis fabae . This has been corroborated by the observation that in Sitobioum graminum the majority of embryos also pass winter at the end of anatrepsis [ 13 ] , and the same may be true of Aphis pomi in Virginia USA [ 14 ] . Other aphids, however, including German clones of Aphis pomi, appear to develop constantly throughout the winter, with no definite resting stage [ 15 ] . A resting stage is a widely reported characteristic of diapause [ 1 2 16 17 18 ] and so the extent to which diapause occurs generally in aphids is therefore in some doubt.

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