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  • In contrast to this relationship, when the experiment clustering was performed on genes encoding ER-resident proteins, the effects of zinc starvation were most similar to those inflicted by DTT and diamide (Figure 8d), suggesting that zinc limitation may initiate the UPR.

  • In addition, KAR2 also has significant membership in a second cluster (cluster 11 in Figure 5d), which is composed of genes that were induced following heat shock and diamide treatment.

  • By crosslinking protein sulfhydryl groups, diamide is thought to disrupt protein structure and trigger oxidative stress [ 57, 58], both of which are likely to perturb normal ER functions [ 59].

  • Roughly 40% (14/36) of the top characterized genes associated with this group encode protein-folding chaperones localized to different subcellular regions (including those that encode the cytosolic Hsp90 and Hsp70 factors, the mitochondrial Hsp10/Hsp60p and Ssc1p, and the ER- and mitochondrial-associated Ssa1p), and their induction following heat shock and diamide treatment is likely to be in response to widespread protein unfolding inflicted by these conditions.

  • In terms of the genes induced in the UPR (identified as the top 30 genes or so in cluster 58), the effects of diamide were most similar to those triggered by the reducing agent DTT (Figure 8d).

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