Example sentences for: diacritical

How can you use “diacritical” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • These diacritical marks are now, unfortunately, left off in many publications, so we must praise Greenman's efforts here.

  • Related to diacritical marks are two constructs, the ligature , which is a character resulting from tying together two or more standard letters, and the digraph , which is a special case of the ligature .

  • As a self-confessed obsessive when it comes to newspapers' errors, my own pet peeve—one which all the North American news services and most of its major news magazines seem to be guilty of—is leaving diacritical marks off foreign words.

  • In the Romanization system I learned (and a pox on Peiking/Beijing for replacing the clear with the opaque) the two characters are transliterated as mei-kuo , disregarding the tonal diacritical marks.

  • The two accents are used in French to change the value of e , which is the most common vowel in French (as in English) and which comes in as many varieties as Campbell's soup—hence the need for some kind of regulation by diacritical marks.

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