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  • In this experiment, a Wg plasmid activated the luciferase reporter only 12-fold above the vector control; wild-type DFz2 plasmid alone stimulated luciferase levels 7-fold, but neither deletion mutant of DFz2 had any effect, consistent with an earlier report that DFz2 with a truncated carboxyterminus fails to induce the expression of Xnr/Siamois [ 21 ] . However, DFz2ΔC stimulated signaling over 700-fold when delivered in concert with Wg, a synergistic effect nearly as strong as observed with wild type DFz2 (nearly 1700-fold in this experiment).

  • DFz2 : 5' primer, 5'-AGACACAATCGACTGAAGG-3'; 3' primer, 5'-AGTGAGGTTCATGTACCAG-3' (These two primer pairs are based on [ 18 ] ). DFz3 : 5' primer, 5'-ACAGTGAAGAGTAGTGGTCG-3'; 3' primer, 5'-CCACCTCCTGTGGAATCTGC-3', DFz4 : 5' primer, 5'-TACATTCGCTAAGGCTAC-3'; 3' primer, 5'-GACCTTCCATACACATCG-3' and Arr : 5' primer, 5'-GAAGATGTGACAACGAAAGC-3'; 3' primer, 5'-CATGCTCTGACAGAGTTCG-3'.

  • In earlier reports, Northern blot hybridization and RT-PCR failed to detect DFz1, DFz2, and DFz3 in S2 cells [ 6 17 18 ] . Using a one-step RT-PCR assay to measure the expression levels of all 4 DFzs and Arr in the same S2 cells used by Yanagawa et al . (Figure 1A), we detected DFz2, DFz3, and Arr mRNAs, but not DFz1 and DFz4 mRNAs after 40 cycles of amplification.

  • In addition, the synergistic effect of Wg and DFz2ΔC was blocked by Dsh dsRNAi (data not shown), implying that Dsh is required to transduce the signal from Wg through DFz2ΔC to β-catenin.

  • The extracellular regions of both receptors are crucial for receiving the Wg signal, while the carboxyterminus of DFz2 is not absolutely required for reception of the Wnt/Wg signal.

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