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  • They include: dextran sulfate [ 34 35 ] , carrageenans [ 35 36 ] , dextrin-2-sulfate [ 37 38 ] , cellulose sulfate [ 39 ] and naphthalene sulfonate polymer (PRO 2000; [ 40 ] ). Except for dextrin-2-sulfate and PRO 2000, which appear to have anti-HIV-1 inhibitory activities similar to that of CAP, the other sulfonated polymers are less inhibitory [ 34 35 41 ] . HIV-1 may develop resistance to the inhibitory effect of dextran sulfate and R5 viruses were reported not to be inhibited by this polymer [ 42 43 ] . Dextran sulfate was shown to bind to gp120 and to interfere with gp120/CXCR4 interactions but it did not bind to gp120 of R5 viruses [ 43 ] .

  • Therefore, it is important that agencies develop innovative and less costly ways to train their staffs-remembering as well that the level of return for investing in the skills needed for results-oriented management will depend largely on how well employees are encouraged to put those skills to use.

  • Rather than focusing our attention on the establishment of universally applicable rules of grammar as a way to make a more democratic society, we might better develop a more holistic, semiotically based curriculum that points our young in the direction of clear thinking.

  • Conduct a postoccupancy evaluation to develop a lessonslearned document for future reference.

  • Database annotations using the precancer classification will provide a mechanism whereby each precancer, its' related precancerous lesions, and the cancers known to develop from these lesions, can be linked with relevant data contained in biological data sets (e.g.

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