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How can you use “denoting” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • Almost certainly a loanword, in Old English it is catt ; Welsh and Cornish cath ; Gaelic cat ; Old Irish cat ; Dutch and Danish kat ; Middle Dutch katte ; Swedish katt, katta ; Old Norse kött-r ; Old High German chazza, chataro ; Middle High German katero, kater ; Modern German Katze , but Modern German and Dutch also have kater tomcat ( tom denoting the male of certain species of animal, notably the cat); French chat ; Spanish and Portuguese gato ; Italian gatto ; Old North French cat ; West German katta ; Breton kaz ; Old Slavonic kotŭka, kotka ; Slavonic kot ; Bulgarian kotka ; Russian, male kot , female kotchka, koshka ; Bohemian, male kot , female kotka ; Lithuaniane kate ; Finnish katti ; Polish kot , male cat or tomcat koczur, kocur .

  • ' It has appeared in such unlikely combinations as talkathon, walkathon, aquathon, ski-a-thon, bike-athon, birdathon, sell-athon, sale-athon, curl-a-thon (a `hairstyling extravaganza'), and even the seemingly unnecessary jogathon and runathon (denoting more leisurely or shorter races than a marathon).

  • Overall, our findings agree with the results of earlier investigators who reported no adverse effects associated with fish consumption [ 22 23 24 ] and support the voluminous body of literature denoting gestation, male sex, parity, cigarette smoking, placental infarction, and birth defects as determinants of fetal growth and birth size.

  • Simpson-- to O.J. , meaning "to slash"--shows some signs of acceptance among teen-agers ( O.J. had a previous life as an eponym, denoting a big car of the kind Simpson drove in his commercials for Hertz.

  • Insertions relative to the reference sequence are identified with a blue line to the nucleotides between which the insertion occurs, and text in small blue font denoting the maximum number of nucleotides that are inserted and the percentage of the sequences with any length insertion at that place in the conservation secondary structure diagram (H-2C.

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