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How can you use “denoting” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • Other languages, often regarded as more "primitive" than English, have highly evolved vocabularies for denoting family relationships, so that a single word can denote, say, one's maternal grandfather's sister.

  • Johnson dismissively defines Whig as the name of a faction and spitefully remarks that the term derives from whigamore denoting people from south-west counties of Scotland, whose poverty drove them to rise against the court and Scottish royal authority etc.

  • Almost certainly a loanword, in Old English it is catt ; Welsh and Cornish cath ; Gaelic cat ; Old Irish cat ; Dutch and Danish kat ; Middle Dutch katte ; Swedish katt, katta ; Old Norse kött-r ; Old High German chazza, chataro ; Middle High German katero, kater ; Modern German Katze , but Modern German and Dutch also have kater tomcat ( tom denoting the male of certain species of animal, notably the cat); French chat ; Spanish and Portuguese gato ; Italian gatto ; Old North French cat ; West German katta ; Breton kaz ; Old Slavonic kotŭka, kotka ; Slavonic kot ; Bulgarian kotka ; Russian, male kot , female kotchka, koshka ; Bohemian, male kot , female kotka ; Lithuaniane kate ; Finnish katti ; Polish kot , male cat or tomcat koczur, kocur .

  • Overall, our findings agree with the results of earlier investigators who reported no adverse effects associated with fish consumption [ 22 23 24 ] and support the voluminous body of literature denoting gestation, male sex, parity, cigarette smoking, placental infarction, and birth defects as determinants of fetal growth and birth size.

  • Other say that the name is a derivation of scherpe, which means “sharp” — denoting the towers position on a 90-degree bend in the wall.

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