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How can you use “denotation” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • Then, too, there have been the campaigners who have gone to what some regard as opposite extremes: if the head of a committee is known to be a man or a woman, then chairman or chairwoman must surely be the proper denotation; if the sex of the person is not known, then chairperson , though awkward-sounding, is the preferred form.

  • The terms used here are not immediately transparent: if by communicative intention is meant `denotative purpose, the information the speaker wishes to convey,' unless one views communication in the broadest way, it would seem to me that the definition confuses denotation with connotation; that is to say, whether an expression is euphemistic, neutral, or taboo is a matter of connotation, and the fact that a speaker avoids shit for defecate, move one's bowels , etc., is purely a connotative matter: denotatively (communicatively?)

  • That is, if you are going to say something about people, then avoid using the word man (for example) because, regardless of the ancillary definitions one might find in the dictionary, in its most common meaning and use it denotes `male' and the strong connotations of that denotation are carried over to all other applications of the word: it is not, in fact, as neutral as some believe it to be.

  • I can conclude only that that communicative intention is used to mean both denotation and connotation: but if that is so, then it would seem that the contrast implicit in euphemism is lost.

  • In modern dialogue, which in no sense approaches the gentility of the perfumed puritanicals, the denotation of unmentionables has broadened to include body organs, curses, and biological functions.

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