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How can you use “deer” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • ' Chukker `period of polo play,' dhoti `loincloth,' dinghy, ganja `cannabis used for smoking,' khidmatgar `male waiter,' khuskhus, kutcha `crude, imperfect,' myna `species of bird,' puggaree `blight turban, scarf,' raggee `finger millet,' ryotwar `system of collecting land rents or taxes,' sambar `type of deer,' and zamindari `system of land holding' each have three other acceptable spellings.

  • Have your camera ready to record the incredible sight of a wailing Japanese child beating a hasty retreat to its parents after being chased by a group of hungry deer in a feeding frenzy.

  • Down in the lowland forests there are several national parks, including the popular Royal Chitwan National Park, where rhinos, tigers, elephants, deer, and hundreds of species of birds can be spotted.

  • ' The loneliness and the heather-cloaked undulations of the vast deer forests of northern Scotland (forests distinguished by a complete absence of trees) are indeed evocative of the sea.

  • TATR supports a diverse mammalian assemblage including tiger ( Panthera tigris ), leopard ( Panthera pardus ), hyena ( Hyaena hyaena ), sloth bear ( Melursus ursinus ), dhole ( Cuon alpinus ), jackal ( Canis aureus ) and jungle cat ( Felis chaus ) as the carnivores, the common langur ( Semnopithecus entellus ) is the most numerous primate and the ungulates include barking deer ( Muntiacus muntjak ), gaur ( Bos gaurus ), sambar ( Cervus unicolor ), chital ( Axis axis ), wild boar ( Sus scrofa ), nilgai ( Boselapheus tragocamelus ) and chousinga ( Tetracerus quadricornis ). Dubay [ 20 ] estimated the densities (no.

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