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  • Sambucus species were recorded in Egyptian papyri as being of ancient use [ 104 ] . Flower decoctions of Sambucus species are used for open sores and in baths as emollients; and leaves are used in poultices on bruises, wounds and sores in France, Spain, Turkey, Madeira and Porto Santo [ 123 124 125 ] . Plant compounds found in Sambucus simpsonii flower are caffeic acid, chlorogenic acid, mucilage, potassium nitrate and rutoside [ 50 ] . Some of these plant compounds have anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Aristolochia rugosa and Aristolochia trilobata are recorded in a list of plants used worldwide and in the West Indies, Venezuela, South and Central America against snakebites and scorpion stings [ 51 52 24 43 40 53 ] . Caribs in Guatemala use Aristolochia trilobata root and tuber decoctions for stomach pains and use leaf tinctures for diarrhoea [ 55 ] . Aristolochic acid inhibits inflammation induced by immune complexes, and nonimmunological agents (carrageenan or croton oil) [ 56 ] . Aristolochic acid inhibits the activity of snake venom phospholipase (PLA 2 ) by forming a 1:1 complex with the enzyme [ 56 40 38 ] . Since phospholipase enzymes play a significant part in the cascade leading to the inflammatory and pain response, their inhibition could lead to relief of problems from scorpion envenomation [ 11 ] .

  • This possibility was addressed in this study by examining the ability of three antioxidants, vitamin C and two decoctions commonly used in Asia and South America (green tea and cat's claw) to limit epithelial cell apoptosis in response to a variety of oxidative stresses.

  • The hydrogen peroxide signal, determined by spectroscopy at 240 nm, was quenched by ascorbic acid but not by the decoctions, green tea or cat's claw.

  • Firstly, the Amazonian belief that the characteristics of one entity or object may pass to another [ 19 ] , could explain the use of a wasp that hunts successfully in baths or decoctions to make dogs better hunters.

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