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  • The whole placenta, after dissection from the uterus in mid-gestation, contains both a fetal component (the placenta proper, consisting of the labyrinth, spongiotrophoblast and giant cell layers) and a maternal component (the decidua basalis, as well as maternal blood vessels).

  • However, in their studies the major decoy receptor for TRAIL, DcR1, was found expressed in trophoblast, not in decidua, while another decoy receptor, DcR2, was expressed by placental macrophages.

  • For early pregnancy, the scheme in Figure 10can possibly be extended to other cell types (decidua, EVT), in contrast to the term placenta where only villous CT cells are dividing [ 25 26 27 ] .

  • LHR expression was also detected in nonpregnant human uterus (glandular and luminal epithelial cells, stromal cells, myometrial cells and vascular smooth muscle cells), syncytiotrophoblast of midterm but not term human placenta, fetal membranes and decidua [ 28 ] , human and rat brain [ 29 30 ] , rat prostate [ 14 15 ] , human trophoblast and syncytiotrophoblast from early pregnancies [ 31 ] , porcine fallopian tubes and umbilical cord [ 16 32 ] , ovarian, decidual, endometrial and luteal macrophages [ 22 33 ] , and ovarian cancer cell cultures and tumor tissues [ 34 ] .

  • Other epithelial, mesenchymal or vascular cell types showed either ERα (pericytes) or ERβ (endothelial cells, amniotic epithelium, decidua).

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