Example sentences for: de-localization

How can you use “de-localization” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • The sensitivity of the leading edge is demonstrated by the observation that DMSO treatment at a concentration of 1% causes temporary inhibition of ruffling and concomitant Arp3 de-localization (Yarrow unpublished results).

  • Our data suggest a mechanism of de-localization of Arp3 consistent with dissociation or diffusion rather than retrograde flow.

  • Our data are consistent with results in sea urchin coelomocytes where BDM phenocopies the effect of cytochalasin D, blocking retrograde flow at the leading edge with continued contraction of the actin network causing a clearing of actin at the leading edge [ 11 ] . In the coelomyocte system, de-localization of leading edge components by BDM could account for the inhibition of actin polymerization and clearing.

  • Two possible mechanisms for Arp2/3 complex de-localization were considered: Arp2/3 could move back from the leading edge with retrograde flow of actin and then be lost from the filaments, or it could simply diffuse from the leading edge.

  • We observe that within two minutes, application of BDM leads to the de-localization of the leading edge components - Arp3, VASP, and WAVE - and this is concurrent with the loss of the actin network at the leading edge.

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