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  • Donald Davidson's Philosophy of Language

  • All bacterial strains used were derivatives of E. coli K12 strain MC4100 [ 29 ] . IM104 is MC4100 lamB14D lon ::Tn 10 degP :: kan and IM105 is IM104 prlA4 . Plasmids pKL106 and pKL107 are pET11c (Novagen) derivatives carrying tandem copies of the λ repressor fragment (derived from plasmids pAD103 and pAD105, generous gifts from Alan Davidson, University of Toronto and Robert Sauer, MIT).

  • After reading in The joy of jabberwocking, by J. A. Davidson [XXII,1,23], that but somehow a few editors gave it a second r , as in borogoves , and Probably many years ago a careless printer put in that extra γ, I have, somewhat tossicatedly, to ask: Am I the only one for whom (many years ago) Professor Bagos Hitman opened wide a copy of Sweet's Anglo-Saxon Primer and, pointing to a bevy of bilingual yokemates, one of which was (to the best of my recollection) something like bearu grove , burbled (accusingly) Tulgey?

  • Good job tenure, that is--because in yet another column, she sneers at Sara Davidson for working on Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman . Why can't the silly creature get a perfect job like hers?

  • One way to accomplish these goals is to capitalize on the natural curiosity of students and ask them to compare topics in the popular press to that in the scientific literature (see http://www.bio.davidson.edu/courses/genomics/2003/poulton/p21.html).

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