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  • Our ITS phylogeny of Subtribe Artemisiinae that included 40 outgroup genera from seven Anthemideae subtribes also supports a sister group relationship of Nipponanthemum and Leucanthemella to Subtribe Artemisiinae (Fig.

  • The goals are (1) to test the monophyly of Subtribe Artemisiinae and the Artemisia -group; (2) determine the phylogenetic placements of the segregate and allied genera in relation to Artemisia s.s .; and (3) evaluate the patterns of diversification and test biogeographic hypotheses and evolutionary trends in capitular and floral morphology in the Artemisia -group [ 49 50 ] . The ITS have been demonstrated to be appropriate for examining generic relationships in many plant families including the Asteraceae [ 61 ] , for Tribe Anthemideae specifically [ 62 63 ] and within Artemisia [ 34 36 ] .

  • Sequence divergence (uncorrected "p") is 4-6% among members of the Artemisia -clade, 4-10% among members of Subtribe Artemisiinae, and 7-17% between Subtribe Artemisiinae and the outgroup species from other Anthemideae subtribes.

  • ITS sequences were obtained for 57 species representing 11 genera of Subtribe Artemisiinae, and 41 outgroup species from seven additional Anthemideae subtribes.

  • [ 62 ] that primarily focused on the origin of Macaronesian endemic genera of Anthemideae revealed a possible sister group relationship of Leucanthemella and Nipponanthemum (Subtribe Leucantheminae) to Subtribe Artemisiinae.

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